Technical Training

RebateManager 201 (On-demand) (201-RM)

Duration: 60 Minutes

This on-demand course is for business users that will be using the RebateManager module to create rebate agreements with rebate types. It will illustrate the role of agreements, use of rebate types, calculating rebates based on actual and forecasted values, the role of rebate calculation logic submission and approval of agreements, and the ability to analyze results in PriceAnalyzer.

Update 18.01.22: Pricefx is releasing its new version and this course will be removed from Learning Hub by April 2022. The video content will be available until then. If you are looking for additional content and hands-on practice, please check Knowledge Base (will be available from February 2022) or register for our public training - the schedule can be found here -

Pricefx Version: Unity

  • About
  • Course Profile
  • Training Preparation
  • Self Assessment - Class Eligibility
  • Module 1: RebateManager Overview
  • RebateManager Module 1 Overview
  • Module 2: RM Data Requirements
  • RebateManager Module 1.1-Data Requirements
  • Module 3: Rebate Types
  • RebateManager Module 3-Rebate Types
  • Module 4: Rebate Agreements
  • RebateManager Module 4 Rebate Agreements
  • Rebate Agreement Demo
  • Module 5: Rebate Records
  • RebateManager Module 5 Rebate Records
  • Module 6: RebateManager Accelerators
  • RebateManager Module 6-RM Accelerators
  • Conclusion
  • RebateManager 201 Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed