Business User

Business User Learning Path - Foundation

Delivery: Guided learning

Duration: ~ 3 hours

Target Audience: Pricing Managers, Pricing Analysts, Sales Managers and any other users who want to get to know about Pricefx core capabilities.

Price: Free

This course covers the Pricefx introduction, Pricefx terminology, Dashboards, Analytics, Price Setting, and Quotes. The course guides the user through the relevant articles in Knowledge Base and helps to get the foundational knowledge of the solution. This learning path replaces all old Business User courses, e.g. 100 and 200 levels.

Pricefx Version: Unity

  • Overview
  • Learning Path Profile sample
  • About Pricefx
  • About Pricefx sample
  • Pricefx User Terminology sample
  • Quiz #1
  • Pricing Basics
  • Pricing Basics sample
  • Additional Content about Pricing
  • Quiz #2
  • Getting Started with Pricefx Solution
  • The Pricefx Journey
  • Typical Use Cases
  • General Video Tutorials
  • Quiz #3
  • Additional Materials: Pricing Maturity Map
  • Additional Materials: Pricing Value Capture
  • Core capabilities: Dashboards
  • Dashboards Overview
  • Dashboards Video Tutorials
  • Dashboards: How To Customize a Dashboard Layout
  • Dashboards: How To Create a New Dashboard
  • Dashboards: How To Export Content from Dashboards
  • Quiz #4
  • Core Capabilities: Analytics
  • Analytics Overview
  • Analytics Video Tutorials
  • Analytics: Chart Types & Use Cases
  • Analytics: Understanding your Data Sources
  • Analytics: Using Data Rollups
  • Analytics: Producing Revenue and Margin Charts
  • Analytics: Margin Leakage
  • Quiz #5
  • Core capabilities: Price Management
  • Price Setting Overview
  • Price Setting Video Tutorials
  • Price Setting: Create a New Price List
  • Price Setting: Edit an Existing Price List
  • Price Setting: Understanding Live Price Grids
  • Quiz #6
  • Core Capabilities: CPQ
  • Quoting Overview
  • Quoting Video Tutorials
  • Quoting: Create a New Quote
  • Quoting: Create and Edit Quote Type Templates
  • Quoting: Quote with Waterfall Chart
  • Quoting: Understanding Price Record
  • Quiz #7
  • Final Quiz
  • Final Quiz
  • What's next
  • Schedule sample
  • The next product learning steps
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed