Business User

Business User Learning Path - Horizontal Pricing

Delivery: Guided learning

Duration: ~ 3 hours

Target Audience: Promotion Managers, Rebate Analysts, Claim Processors and any other users who want to get to know about Pricefx additional capabilities.

Price: Free

This course covers additional Pricefx functionalities, such as Agreements and Promotions, Rebates, and Channel Management. The course guides the user to relevant articles in the Knowledge Base and helps to get the horizontal pricing knowledge of the solution. This learning path is the second step after the Business User Learning Path - Foundational course.

Pricefx Version: Unity

  • Overview
  • Learning Path Profile
  • Agreements & Promotions
  • Promotions Overview
  • Promotions Video Tutorials
  • Promotions: Understanding Condition Types
  • Promotions: How to create an Agreement
  • Promotions: How to manage Price Records
  • Quiz #1
  • Rebates
  • Rebates Overview
  • Rebates Video Tutorials
  • Rebates: How to create an Agreement
  • Rebates: What are Rebate Agreement Types
  • Rebates: How to manage Rebate Records
  • Rebates: What are Condition Types
  • Quiz #2
  • Channel Management
  • Channel Management Overview
  • Rebates Video Tutorials
  • Channel Management: Claim Creation
  • Quiz #3
  • What's Next
  • The next product learning steps...
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed