Course Title:

Solution Developer


This course covers advanced topics such as the programming of logics and version control. The course includes practice labs for hands-on skills building.


5 Days

Target Learner:

Programmers with OOPL.


  • Solution Developer Prerequisite Learning Path (a separate preparation course) 100% accomplished BEFORE the class
  • Recently worked with an Object-Oriented Programming Language (like Java) in a hands-on, project-based manner for 6 months or more.
  • Recently worked with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create development projects for 6 months or more. (note: The Pricefx standard IDE is IntelliJ).
  • Review of the Groovy prerequisites prior to attendance.
  • Installation and setup of required software tools prior to attendance including Pricefx Studio, IntelliJ, Git, BitBucket, and SourceTree
  • NOTE: A mandatory 1 hour pre class session will be held the week prior to the actual class. The purpose of this mandatory pre class session will be to ensure that all students have properly installed and setup their training environment. This class is typically scheduled for the Wednesday or Thursday preceding the start of class.


  • Configure Price List
  • Testing Price List
  • Configure Quote
  • Conversion of Quote to Price Record
  • Checkpoint: Pricefx Studio & GIT Install, Setup and Configuration
  • Pricefx Studio Basics: Fetch, Test, and Deploy
  • Using the Console within IntelliJ (optional)
  • Working with GIT
  • Calculated Field Set (CFS)
  • Calculated DataLoad (DL)
  • Scheduled Task
  • Create an Approval Workflow
  • Create a New Dashboard
  • Create Header Logic