Course Title:

     Business User Training - Day 1 - Pricefx Foundations


A 3-hour class focused on Pricefx solution map, analytics, and price-setting capabilities. We will review how Pricefx Solution covers standard pricing processes. We will also discuss how do we resolve typical user pain points around generating meaningful analytical insights and how to create price lists. The course Includes capabilities interactive demos, hand-on practice on Sales Insights dashboards, and price lists creation. We also provide further suggestions for product learning. 


3 Hours

Target Learners:

Pricing Managers, Pricing Analysts, Product Managers, and any other users who want to know about Pricefx solution foundations. Perfect course for the executives and top managers to get the foundational understanding of the tool.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Pricing Concepts 101
  • Pricing Concepts 102


  • Pricefx Solution Map
  • Analytics capabilities + demo+practical exercise
  • Price Setting capabilities + demo+practical exercise
  • Further suggestion for learning

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