Course Title:

     Business User Training - Day 3 - Advanced Pricefx capabilities


A 3-hour class focused on standard KPIs, optimization, claims management, and deal planning capabilities. The course Includes interactive demos, hands-on practice on optimization, claims creation and understanding the Pricefx Standard KPIs framework. We also provide further suggestions for product learning. 


3 Hours

Target Learners:

Pricing Managers, Pricing Analysts, Pricing Science Managers and any other users who want to get to know about Pricefx advanced capabilities.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Pricing Concepts 101
  • Pricing Concepts 102
  • Business User Training Day 1 and Day 2


  • Pricefx Standard + demo
  • Optimization capabilities + demo+practical exercise
  • Channel Manager + demo + practical exercises
  • Overview of the Deal Planner + demo